Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear Moon and UC,

We, the awesome ladies of the Flat, wanted to wish you a happy 1 year anniversary. You have created this fantastic community where we can go to laugh, be snarky, and feel normal. Over the past few days some of us have learned just how exhausting it can be to be funny on command and we have a new appreciation for the work you do to bring us the funny each and every morning at 8:00AM EST. Through your community we have made friends from all over the world and for that we can not thank you enough. Please accept our most humble gratitude. We look forward to the next year ahead.


*The Ladies of Rob's Flat

PS. A few people contacted us to pass along their own well wishes. Keep reading and enjoy!

*Special thanks from: ZephyerSky, Jena, Robsten4Life, JodieO, Lindelle, PinkPixieChick, Jazzled, Emmeloowhoo, and Dancing_Echoes.


  1. OH EM EFF GEEEEEEE! there are simply NO WORDS. like none. i can't even comprehend the greatness of this right now.

    im sersiously crying and i havent even got to read it all!

    going to search for tissue and read on...

    be back to talk more.

    thanks doesnt even seem worthy enough...


  2. i'm not sure if i'm crying tears of laughter or tears of just... i dunno... being overwhelmed that our silly little idea turned into a place where friends who met because of our silly idea make us laugh to the point of tears....

    does that makes sense?

    no......but it doesn't matter. you know what i mean. we love this. and each and every one of you

  3. You ladies all RULE!! Thanks for your hilarious creativity of thankfulness.

    <3 all your faces!