Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dear Moon and UC,

We're so glad that we could help inspire you to start such a magnificent blog, scratch that, TWO magnificent blogs. We never imagined that when we allowed Peggy Sirota to videotape her entire photoshoot in hopes of getting some footage confirming Robsten that it would lead to the phenomenon known as LTT/LTR.

We thoroughly enjoy giving you pictures of fake lesbian kisses, nipple twisting of underage boys, Cape Cod lobster bakes and piano playing in an open field. We were worried that you would start to get tired of all of the same pictures we’ve been re-releasing and calling them new outtakes , but you seem to have an insatiable thirst for all things Rob and Twilight related. So don’t worry, we’ll be giving you outtakes until Stephenie Meyer decides to re-write the fade to black, essentially you’ll be seeing Vanity Fair pictures forever.

We promise to continue to provide the panty dropping pictures of Rob if you promise to continue to "break it down" for us.

Congratulations on your one year!

Vanity Fair

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